Graffiti Gallery (5)

In memory of Craig SMEAR Todd. On 23 April 1995 a graffiti jam was organised by Kelzo to commemorate deck-access flats on Bark Walk & Woodcock Sq being readied for demolition. Having been invited down regularly to London jams by Elk & Shun (Shit-Head Up-North), both Londoners then living in Manchester, Kelzo now returned the courtesy by inviting the London City boys up to Gunchester!!

Aime, Alert, Arise, Barney, Cept-148, Demo, Diet, Jock, Karl-123, Keds, Kelzo, Kilo, Rase, Revo, Seige, Shok-1, Shun, Tags, Tase, Teach, Temp-1 & Zack all painted on the day. Most Londoners got their pieces finished extra early! Extremely wary of daylight on this strange, derelict estate Up North. But Hulme locals soon appeared. Kitchen Jamie provided a sound-system. Beers were found & sold. Heads from Rochdale UK rappers Kaliphz showed. The sun even broke out (for about half an hour) through the greyness, Manchester styleee! Here's some footage of the early afternoon before most people showed up. That's me taking photos at 5:24 and selling cans of beer at 10:22 with 2 Hulme mates sadly now no longer with us. Happy days! And the very last for Woodcock Square and Bark Walk (

First thing Monday morning, while we still slept, workmen moved in and the whole area was fenced off. Another part of our concrete playground closed