Graffiti Galery (2)

1994 was the year Inner City Artists exploded across Hulme. From the no-go subways where ICA had run & thrown dubs for years as youths, onto the concrete walls & metal shop-shutters of Woodcock Square. Robert Lizar (Solicitor). June's Butty Shop. Threshers (Off licence). Launderette. Dreadlock Pet Shop. Amazing Grace (church-ran General Store). These psychedelic 'claims to Fame', cries of self-expression & identity against a backdrop of a disenfranchised, dispossessed & disintegrating community

Watch this: Come with as Graf King Kelzo takes us on a quick (1994) POV mountain-bike ride around Hulme housing estate...

Christmas 93 the 1st whole-wall (Poynton Close) Hall of Fame was painted. It was painted over 3 more times before bulldozers finally moved in. Inner City Artists painted repeatedly in Woodcock Square & then began to spread into gloomy walkways & dark underpasses. As demolition began in earnest ICA conducted its' nocturnal activity like a shooting-gallery addicts, transient & ever-shifting