HOMEGROWN! The Story of UK Hip-Hop

"Manchester photographer Al Baker has been capturing UKHH music since it re-emerged toward the end of the 90's with an explosion of graffiti, turntablists, new emcees, new voices & original recording artists. He continues to document emcee/deejay culture as it morphs, merges & mutates through jungle, UKG, drum'n'bass, grime & dubstep"

Featured here are archive photographs which made up my contribution to HOMEGROWN The Story of UK Hip Hop @ Urbis Manchester. This was a major 6 month exhibition & first of it's kind! Following on the impact of US hip-hop when it arrived & the influence of Reggae sound-systems already here in Britain, to produce what was from its' inception a distinct & original UK flavour. It all starts here! Contributors Normski (London), Beezer (Bristol), Al Baker (Manchester), Alex Fasko (Graphotism), Paul H (HipHopConnection).

Opening night saw Greg Wilson & Mikey D.O.N (DJ sets) + Jehst & Mical Parkinson (live). Following months hip-hop luminaries passing through: Benji Reid, Cookie Pryce, DJ Semtex, film-maker Dick Fontaine, Baba Israel & Jonzi D, UK rappers Ty & Rodney P

There really is too much to say about this exhibition. Proud to have been part of it. You can check it out via Menu Bar Exhibition at the top of your screen. You'll find links to curator & contributor interviews, You-Tube Promo film, vox-pops & famous hip-hop faces

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