Friends-&-Family @ the-roadhouse 16.11.02

Sometimes you miss out (-& mess up-) on a night or live-show that, with hindsight (of an artists subsequent output or particular original contribution), you wish you had made an effort to attend after all. Sometimes you miss a night because you know that this event is in no-way unique & you vaguely plan to attend again at some (equally vague) future date

If you listen to promoters perpetual pitch & spin (which I do as it happens, circumstantially), then you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was ONLY those nights where you weren't in attendance which turned out to be amazing experiences and therefore missed-out on-: You find yourself thus chastised. Sometimes you miss out on a night simply because you tend toward the familiar when choosing your weekend entertainment. You take less risks. You go out less

Occasionally, you might just attend a night by someone you'd never heard of. Sometimes it's because of a recommendation, someone whose taste in whom you trust. Sometimes it's because of an unusual glint in a weary promoters eye. Sometimes it's both

Edan turns out to be a one-man hip-hop tour-de-force! An obvious fan first, the self-titled 'Humble Magnificent', his geek-chic sits strangely with his lyrical dexterity & confident delivery. All rhymes, beats, scratches, samples, production: All by his own hand. And he designs his own sleeves. And beat-boxes. Oh, and is his own warm-up electro DJ!! This is his very first appearance in Manchester

Alongside, providing the well-trodden 'counter-foil & backing' hip-hop tradition, is another rising US rapper Insight who was well taken-to by the Friends & Family crowd. Edan more than stole the show though. Immense! Once again a storming evening is rounded off with choice selections from resident DJ Christian Wood & good-vibes-mc Kwasi Asante

Another rare occasion worthy of note: Being so impressed by a live hip-hop show (which are so often lame) that I went into Fat City Records on Oldham St. in the next couple days & bought a copy of Edan 'Primitive Plus' (Lewis Recordings) LP for myself

And this is the one track I remember most from that night ( "I smoke Aluminium!"