C'mon Feet @ band-on-the-wall mcr 08.11.03

Jehst has trod a path where UKHH followers will find a familiar story unfolds. Teenage hip-hop fanatics & graffiti crew affilations led to like minded individuals meeting up. Huddersfield to Halifax. Leeds, then London. Tommy Evans & Jehst formed YNR Records while still students. Evil Ed came alongside. Harry Love & Jehst penned a couple of UKHH classics. Braintax & Lowlife Records inevitably became part of the story. A tight interconnected web of DJs, MCs & music-producers formed, all working on each others’ tracks. Helping each other out; permanently postponing issue of payment. All the music & lyric writing, designing, producing, recording, distributing & touring achieved collectively. Everyone interdependent on one another’s success: Trying to remain friends through it all

Eight months since his last triumphant performance in Manchester @ Night-&-Day Jehst returns to C’mon Feet (having moved up through the Northern Quarter to Band On The Wall) with his debut LP complete. 'Falling Down' is a great debut, full of satisfying tracks which grow from first listening, with lyrics that impress in similar fashion, different moods & atmospheres (personal favourite ‘Extra Sensory Perfection’), and marks a transitional period for William Shields encompassing as it does different producers & MCs from along the way, Lowlife Records & YNR stables as well as Champions of Nature! New track ‘Citizen Smif’ rocks the C’mon Feet crowd as does ‘Brimstone Rock’, ‘Dirty’ and lead single ‘Run Hard’. “My other-brother-from-Hudders” Usmaan comes on-stage for LP track ‘Manimals’ and YNR 12” ‘Party Animals’

Support act on the ‘Falling Down Tour’ is Ricochet Klashnekoff (whose YNR hit ‘Daggo Mentality’ was an immediate UKHH club classic & has firmly established Klashnekoff as one to watch...) with his own Terra Firma crew in support; Skriblah & Kyza with D’iablo guest-spot vocals & A-Cyde on decks. I was surprised & immediately impressed by the buzz created in the room. Even though I am a huge fan of Jehst (from very first hearing), though I love the LP (-subsequent LPs & live-shows-) and I always enjoy the difficulty of trying to capture him as he energetically bounds around a stage he so clearly owns, I have to say Klashnekoff very-nearly stole the show!

Felt -again- like I had just witnessed the next UKHH artist in ascendency, another inspirational young UK rapper on a mission. Once again witnessed with camera in hand at C’mon Feet